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The latest and greatest of KDE community software.

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Straight From KDE

More than ever, people expect cutting-edge features delivered right from their developers, with no modifications or gatekeeping. KDE neon delivers this by packaging the hottest software fresh from the KDE Community ovens, the moment it’s released.

You should use KDE neon if you are an adventurous KDE enthusiast who wants the latest and greatest from the KDE community as soon as it’s available, with no delays, opinionated patches, or UX changes. This is KDE software the way KDE designed it!

Make Computing Your Own with Plasma Desktop

We think that your desktop is YOUR desktop. Make it unique with the option to dive into every minimal detail from visuals to work patterns.

Plasma Desktop from the KDE community is a smart, effective, and beautiful environment from the very first time you start it. Using KDE neon, Plasma and KDE applications will be continuously updated, so no more waiting, adding package archives or downloading source code if you want what’s new.


Get a powerful, secure desktop that you can take anywhere. Access your Shells on multiple devices from a smart TV to your smartphone. You can even breathe fresh life into that old computer. Make your next computer a computer in the cloud with Shells.

Transform any device into a powerful, secure desktop with Shells. Whether you want to code on your smartphone or produce a fresh new track on your TV, with Shells you can unlock the full performance and experience of a desktop computer on any device.

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